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Global Leaders
With Technologies That Benefit Nations

Bringing Ideas to Market with
Friends in High Places

Global Leaders
With Technologies That Benefit Nations

Bringing Ideas to Market with
Friends in High Places

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    Augustine David

    The President and CEO of GLA – Augustine David is also the Founder of GLA. During the course of his 45 years in ministry and his travels in almost 80 nations, Augustine has built up a large network of Friends, Leaders and Contacts in Various Fields and Professions. As a result he has been Connecting hundreds of people to include several World-class Inventors, Diplomats, Government Officials and Potential Investors.

    Since then, Augustine has become a Portal for people worldwide to contact for assistance with regards to bringing new products and ideas to market because of his influence with global leaders.

    It became necessary to mature his efforts into his own Consulting Business in order to perform proper due diligence and deliver a much needed service for his Contacts. His Key Personnel understand his many years of investing into people’s lives and the importance of maintaining the same level of commitment. Augustine is originally from Bangalore, India and lives in Dallas, Texas in the US.

    Experience the spirit of freedom when the creative human spirit breaks free from past constraints to reach new heights. Global Leadership Alignment (GLA) invites innovative thinkers to create next-generation products and technologies, impacting individuals globally. GLA connects with leaders in various fields, promoting economic growth models, and making strategic introductions for project funding. With a faith-based approach, GLA prioritizes the overall spiritual and humanitarian wellbeing of nations, fostering divine connections for impactful change. Explore GLA Connection projects and join us in shaping a brighter future.


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    OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?

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