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GLA Mastermind

GLA Connection Business Mastermind – Tuesday May 30, 2023


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Tuesday May 30, 2023 – 11 am through 4:30pm
Hilton Garden Inn
7550 Gaylord Parkway
Frisco, TX 75034
GLA (Global Leadership Alignment) Connection’s Purpose:
Connecting Global Leaders with Technologies that Benefit Nations and Bringing Ideas to Market with Friends in High Places
“When you learn how to be a friend of God, He then introduces you to His other friends and that is called Divine Connection.”
Dress code:
Business Casual

Our Distinguished Speakers for this Business Mastermind Luncheon Seminar

Dr. Ramesh Richard

Dr. Ramesh Richard

Dr. Ramesh Richard has had the privilege of exposing society’s “opinion leaders” to the good news of Jesus Christ. Dr. Richard addressed presidents/heads of state, secretaries of state, and ambassadors of state of 53 African nations in Khartoum, Sudan, at the fourth annual African Union Heads of State Prayer Breakfast. He also addressed an audience of 200 ambassadors and world leaders as the keynote speaker for the 23rd Annual International Prayer Breakfast at the United Nations in New York City.

Dr. Ramesh Richard is a theologian, philosopher,expositor,educator and author and lives in Dallas. Texas.

Ken Eldred

Ken Eldred

Ken Eldred is an investor and founder/CEO of Living Stones Foundation. Currently Ken Eldred focuses his efforts primarily on non-profit projects via Living Stones Foundation and Living Rock Foundation, two charitable entities he endowed, as well as several start-up ventures. He is Chairman of United in Purpose, an organization dedicated to seeing renewal in America. Ken is also working on the growth and development of several innovative companies in the field of social media and technology. Founding numerous successful companies, including Ariba Technologies, Inc. (now SAP Ariba). Ariba was the first internet business-to-business company to go public and was valued as high as $40 billion. He also founded and ran Inmac, the first direct-mail computer products company, which went public in 1987 and later merged with MicroWarehouse. Ken was named Silicon Valley “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 1988. Internationally, Ken is co-founder and director of Epicenter Technologies, a call center based in India with over 2500 employees. He was also an early investor in Wumart, now China’s largest indigenous retailer, and Anapass, a South Korean chip company public on KOSDAQ. He is the author of God is at Work (2005), named the top book by the Business as Mission Network and now is translated into seven languages, as well as The Integrated Life (2010), which is used at several universities as a text. He speaks at Christian business meetings and has been interviewed on CBN, Family Talk, and other radio programs. Ken spent time as a visiting Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institute. He holds B.A. and M.B.A. degrees from Stanford as well as a Doctor of Laws from Belhaven University. He and his wife, Roberta have been married since 1971.

Joseph Vijayam

Joseph Vijayam

Joseph Vijayam is the CEO of Olive Technology with the responsibility of managing the company’s overall business planning and strategy. Originally from Hyderabad,India, he lives in Colorado Springs, CO and conducts South Asian Business Expos and other regional events to bring Kingdom focus for hundreds of businesses globally. Along with his focus on global IT solutions, Joseph has years of experience in business and faith-based non-profit work around the world. He is an advocate for the use of contextual technology for addressing humanity’s challenges. He is an investor in fair-trade businesses and believes that ethical and honest business has the power to end poverty.

Philip Spilker Rick Rapier

Philip Spilker & Rick Rapier

Metrostop Entertainment

Early in his career, Philip Spilker carved out an impressive place in music video production, working with artists like Morrissey and Depeche Mode, resulting in two nominations as Music Video Producer of the Year. Phil went on to win several prestigious Gold & Silver ProMax Medallions for broadcast brand promotion. In addition to over 20 years of success as Founder and Head of Production at Metrostop Entertainment (an advertising and entertainment production company), Phil currently has several feature film projects nearing pre-production status.

Red Wood Studios, LLC

Rick has been honing his craft, gaining a reputation for excellence in screenwriting, as well as for demonstrating an uncommonly deep understanding of what makes for compelling story. Having placed in the Nicholl Fellowship with his first spec and other accolades with his second, Rick’s first sale went to Miramax, and many sales followed to the likes of MGM, as well as to indie production companies. With subsequent work praised by execs from Miramax, Walden Media, Paramount, Marvel Studios, Netflix, and Amazon Studios, among others, Rick has reshaped his career as a producer-screenwriter and currently has several spec scripts he has written under consideration and nearing pre-production status, as well as TV series he has conceived and/or penned.

Paul Dhinakaran

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran B.Sc., MBA, PhD.

Chancellor, Karunya University, Coimbatore, India
Mission: To raise entrepreneurs with a mission to solve human problems

  • 8000 students in a residential campus of 700 acres
  • Undergraduate to PhD programs in Engineering, Computer Sciences, Agriculture, Bio Sciences, Bio Medical, Media, Management, Forensic Science, Criminology
  • Focus on academic research, and product development
  • Operating a company for startups and innovation to launch products
  • Connected to Israeli Universities for research (Ben Gurian, Desert Institute, Technion, Tel Aviv, Hebrew, Bar Elan…) US and Canadian Universities
  • Have an office in Jerusalem, Israel on the 20th floor of City Tower (Karunya Israel Ltd)

Chairman, Jesus Calls International
Mission: To bring comfort and healing to the broken hearted

  • Conduct events in public fields with nearly 300,000 to 500,000 people attending each event in India
  • 100 Prayer Towers operating in 90 cities across Indian and 11 other nations to receive people for prayer and counseling (USA, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia…)
  • Daily TV programs in 8 languages across India
  • Social Media programs in all platforms with huge following from all ages and language groups

Founder, SEESHA Humanitarian
Mission: To care for the needy, widows, sick and orphans

  • Providing job-oriented training
  • Seed funding to start businesses
  • Building and providing houses for shelter less
  • Feeding programs
  • Tutoring for Kids
  • Disaster Relief

Dr. Shannon Crawford

Dr. Shannon Crawford

CEO, Licensed Psychologist, Executive Coach, Podcast Host, SpeakerAs an accomplished business leader and highly respected licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Shannan Crawford knows the importance of applying empirically supported strategies to preserve a lasting legacy that so many leaders spend years building through hard work and sacrifice.

Over the past decade, Dr. Crawford and her team have collectively provided life transforming psychotherapy for thousands of business leaders, couples, families, and organizations through Crawford Clinics. As founder and CEO, she has established a holistic psychotherapy practice with a team of highly vetted and trained therapists to ensure an impactful experience to help every client achieve success in their life and business.

Dr. Crawford has leveraged her 20-years studying the breadth of psychotherapy approaches and inner healing models, to innovate the Restoring-Self-Cohesion (RSC) model. Through RSC, Dr. Crawford has fashioned an approach focused on maximizing your mental health by seeking to bring synergy to the various parts of who you are. As deeply conscious individuals, we each have a complex boardroom internally, and when a board member – or a part of the inner self – is out of alignment, it can jeopardize the integrity of one’s legacy through trigger reactions.

By applying RSC, Dr. Crawford and her team help identify and resolve the unconscious blocks that have been sabotaging mental health that keeps executives from achieving their personal, professional, spiritual, and relational goals.

By equipping leaders to learn how to cultivate their internal world to bring one’s inner boardroom in right alignment, not only do her therapy and executive coaching clients experience a reduction in internal turmoil and imbalance, but they also notice extraordinary and unexpected benefits in their enjoyment of life, in their faith/spirituality, in their marriage and parenting, in their career, and in clarifying and advancing toward fulfilling their kingdom purpose.

Along with her clinical practice, advising other health providers, and leadership consulting, Dr. Crawford also shares her knowledge and expertise along with thought leaders on curated topics on her podcast Unlocking U with Dr. Shannan Crawford, designed to help leaders and influencers thrive emotionally, relationally, spiritually, and vocationally.

Dr. Crawford resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth and frequently travels for speaking engagements as well as providing virtual and in-person therapy and executive coaching. A passionate advocate for freedom, Dr. Crawford serves on the auxiliary board for Untraffick America.

Steve Gandara

Steve Gandara

Founder of Excellent Cultures has the reputation for training top level corporate leaders that has resulted in minimum 250% and maximum 1700% return on investment for corporations and other significant businesses. He’s had major clients like Toyota, Starbucks, Amazon etc etc for over 20 and some over 30 years He will also be one of our speakers.

Scott Farah

Scott Farah

Once owned and operated banks in 18 states with over $600m annual business, He went through humbling and humiliating experiences towaeds lessons learned from costly mistakes and how God turned his life around to give back to society: for humanitarian causes and ministries and especially to train entrepreneurs with a foundation for success. Scott also has access to resourceful help towards technology and project fundings. He will be one of our speakers also.

Dr. Joe Castleberry

Dr. Joe Castleberry

Dr Joe Castleberry’s Dynamic, Visionary and Entrepreneurial Leadership as the President of Northwest University in Seattle. WA has brought great enthusiasm and growth in both business and in education globally.

Eric Carbaugh
Robbie Thiessen

Eric Carbaugh &
Robbie Thiessen

Founders of Remnant Life Network and the Remnant Platform.They will share how Remnant will provide a global platform for businesses, marketing, ministries, movies and all kinds of content the ability to monetize and create a global presence for success in business, media and ministry.

Eric & Robbie have spent their careers helping businesses and companies, from top Fortune Companies like IBM, AT&T, Disney, Citi, etc. to new start-ups, conceptualize via branding, strategy, design & building million and billion dollar campaigns and platforms. As Eric being the CVO/CEO & Robbie as the COO, they are partnering to take the vision of Remnant togther to build something truly different. Before they began their digital careers Eric is a former US Marine and Robbie is a former Firefighter, and this dedication to service is shown in the Mission of Remnant to help foster unity in the Kingdom of GOD.

There will be present very significant leaders in media, disruptive technologies, entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, government leaders and successful influencers from all realms including sports and ministry.

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