VP Latin American Projects

Besides all this Dr Tejada brings to GLA high level Contacts from around the world - particularly from the Latin American Nations of South and Central America and the Island Nations. He is a Chemical Engineer with Doctoral Studies in Inorganic Chemistry, specializing in the solid characterization of materials. In addition to his formal studies Dr Tejada is an Avid Reader and a Researcher by Vocation who has spent much of his life in scrutinizing studies and develop expertise in the areas of the Internet, Intellectual Property, International Trade, Network Marketing, Social Media, Strategic Planning, Environmental Management, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology,Green Energy and Alternative Medicine etc etc.
   As an Experienced Professional with Advanced Scientific Background in Analytical Sciences Dr Tony has highly effective Interpersonal, Organizational and Cross-Cultural Skills and has the ability to work within a Multi-disciplinary Scientific Team. His Professional Skills have been widely endorsed by his colleagues resulting in High Level Contacts all over the world. His Skills and Expertise  are manifested also in the areas of Negotiation, FDA, Validation, Medical Devices, Business Strategy, New Business Development, Start Up, Manufacturing, Product Development, Energy, Team Building, R&D, etc. All this and more makes Dr Tejada a Great Assett to GLA.

New Projects from GLA


New and Fascinating Technologies in the Fields of Energy, Electricity, Medicine, Re-Cycling, Construction, Mining etc
Superior and Non-Combustible Concrete Mix for the Nations
Outstanding IT Software Products Representing the Latest Technologies
New and Fantastic Developments in Transportation and Flight Technology
Media : Feature Films, Entertainment, Documentaries and Music