The President and CEO of GLA - Augustine David is also the Founder of GLA. During the course of his 35 years in ministry and his travels in almost 50 nations, Augustine has built up a large network of Friends, Leaders and Contacts in Various Fields and Professions. As a result he has been Connecting hundreds of people to include several World-class Inventors,
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Senior Business Development Partner
Mr. Alwyn Christy is an Outstanding Executive with 20 years of International Operations and Management Experience. He specialized in the development and management of new businesses and projects across the globe including New Zealand, the Middle East, Scandinavia, North America and East Africa besides his Native India.
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VP Latin American Projects
Dr. Tony Tejada is a Research Scientist and a Business Leader originally from the Dominican Replubic. He is the Vice President of all the Latin American related Projects with Global Leadership Alignment (GLA) and other selected projects in the United States. Dr. Tejada brings to GLA a Rich and Varied background of Professional Experience, Business and Scientific Knowledge.
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New Projects from GLA


New and Fascinating Technologies in the Fields of Energy, Electricity, Medicine, Re-Cycling, Construction, Mining etc
Superior and Non-Combustible Concrete Mix for the Nations
Outstanding IT Software Products Representing the Latest Technologies
New and Fantastic Developments in Transportation and Flight Technology
Media : Feature Films, Entertainment, Documentaries and Music


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