Advisory Board

Dr. Daniel Panitz
A PhD in Psychology, Phd in Natural Sciences and an Outstanding Businessman with a Theology Degree as well. Dr. Daniel is a World -Class Inventor of several World Changing Inventions. He invented the "Security System" - if you call 911 for the Police - the Police know Exactly what adress to go to. That is his Invention. Apart from that he has Created a Very Powerful Special Cement/Concrete Mix that is Far Superior than any other kind of Concrete in the World and he works with Nations and their Governments to Establish Great Projects around the world - Building Bridges, Highways, Hydro Electric Plants, Airports , Ports and also has a Superior Gold Mining Technology.

Dr. Prabhat Soni
The First and Only Medical Doctor in the World that has 6 Board Certifications in 6 different Fields of Medicine. He is Board Certified in Critical Care, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary (Lungs), Sleep Apnea, Obesity and Stem Cell Research. He Passed them in High Honors. He Recieved High Honors and Awards from President Bush and was on hisAdvisory Board of Physicians. He also Recieved High Honor Award fro the Prime Minister of India for High Achievements. He runs a Hospital and a Private Clinic in NY.

Mike Cheves, CEO and Author of The Hurricane Group
Mike Cheves has a proven track record of delivering successful projects related to all four aspects of business (Culture, Organization, Process, and Technology). With over 20 years of experience, his strengths are based on his articulate business savvy coupled with an extraordinary ability to analyze and understand complex technologies. He has successfully completed four enterprise architecture roadmaps and participated in twelve compliance projects, one publicly traded bankruptcy project, as well as dozens of internal audits and ten mergers and acquisitions. Mike's experience and versatility uniquely qualifies him for highly visible and complicated assignments. Mike Cheves’ more than 20 years of experience includes extensive leadership and operational responsibilities for functions related to both business and information technology. After holding positions such as interim CIO, Strategist, Software Development Manager, Account Manager, Technology Architect, and Sales and Marketing Strategist, Mike has acquired both the specialized knowledge and the leadership experience needed to have a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced world..

Ms. Eleanor Reid - A Consultant's Consultant at High Levels
Eleanor Reid is the Managing Director of Reid & Company Strategy consultants, which assists executives and their teams in analyzing their businesses, developing plans to achieve strategic objectives, communicating goals to employees and implementing processes that deliver desired results. Ms. Reid focuses her efforts on personal executive coaching and career-focused life planning, on which she has authored a number of works. Ms. Reid has over 12 years of strategy experience in technical, real estate, publishing and financial industries. An effective and resourceful leader, Ms. Reid has developed expertise in advising senior executives on strategic and operational matters, working with internal teams to create effective and executable solutions to complex business issues, leading technical and strategic initiatives towards new product development and managing teams with diverse backgrounds in multiple settings.

Ms. Reid is the author of several works including the personnel development program, “What Does Your Produce Look Like? How to live a purposeful life.”, the television show, Establish Your Purpose and the life planning system, The Life Area Planner and Journal. She has also served as an adjunct chaplain and associate pastor. Ms. Reid is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and holds a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science from Carnegie Mellon University. Most recently she served as the Director of Corporate Development for Cherokee Investment Partners, a real estate private equity firm, where she was responsible for reviewing, recommending and starting new business initiatives. Also, in addition to her work as a buy-side analyst in the technology, industrial and transportation sectors, she has worked as an Associate for McKinsey and Company and as a Project Manager for Goldman Sachs in New York. .

Stephen Yake - Award-Winning and Outstanding Film Producer and Director
Stephen Yake began his directing career in 1985, after many years as a successful cameraman, lighting director, and editor at various television studios. In 1990, he launched his own highly acclaimed company and wore the hat of producer, as well as director. Over the course of his career, Stephen has directed and produced over 400 music videos, dozens of TV series and corporate pieces, several documentary projects, and over 100 national and regional commercials. His career has taken him all over the globe, filming in over 35 countries, from Russia's Red Square, Central and South America, Israel, and Hungary, to South Africa, England, China, and across the United States, for clients from Citgo Petroleum and The Magic Johnson Foundation, to Time/Warner.Stephen’s creative vision has won him nine Dove Awards, GMA’s Impact Award, ADDY Awards, ACMA Awards, and the Houston Film Festival’s Bronze Award, among his numerous nominations. Steve will be working with GLA related Hollywood, Bollywood feature films besides documentaries and Faith Based Films.

Robert Rasbach - Financial Counselor and Technology Consultant.
Rob is the Vice President / Investment Counselor at a major Investment Company near New York City. He is an expert Counselor in Finance, Investments and Management of Funds. His years of Expertise in these areas will provide GLA with Excellent Financial Counsel.

He is also well connected with industries in world class Aviation Technology, Gold Mining, Energy etc and brings with him the relevant knowledge and connections needed to add value to GLA. His years of Expertise in these areas will provide GLA with Excellent Counsel.

New Projects from GLA


New and Fascinating Technologies in the Fields of Energy, Electricity, Medicine, Re-Cycling, Construction, Mining etc
Superior and Non-Combustible Concrete Mix for the Nations
Outstanding IT Software Products Representing the Latest Technologies
New and Fantastic Developments in Transportation and Flight Technology
Media : Feature Films, Entertainment, Documentaries and Music