About GLA

There is a moment when you realize that the creative results of the human spirit must break free from the past constraints to soar to new heights. This is the spirit of freedom.

GLA attracts the world's most progressive thinkers who are ready to deliver new products and technologies that will touch individuals locally, nationally and globally. Global Leadership Alignment searches out and brings together the brightest inventive minds on the planet with nation-changing technologies. GLA connects different technologies in Energy, Transportation, Recycling, Construction, Media/Music/Films/Entertainment, Finance/Entrepreneurship, Information Technology and Medical/Healthcare etc with appropriate Funding for Global Implementation. This is what GLA is all about.

GLA Leadership Training Courses

Institute in Basic Life Principles - Courses
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – John Maxwell
God’s Ability Within You Course -Augustine (Augie) David
Courses in Financial Intelligence from Experts in this Field
Training Courses from Experts in the Field of Entrepeneurship
GLA Ministry Training Courses - from the Best of the Best in Various Areas of Ministry
Training Courses in Sales and Marketing from Experts like the Zig Ziglar Group
New Projects from GLA


New and Fascinating Technologies in the Fields of Energy, Electricity, Medicine, Re-Cycling, Construction, Mining etc
Superior and Non-Combustible Concrete Mix for the Nations
Outstanding IT Software Products Representing the Latest Technologies
New and Fantastic Developments in Transportation and Flight Technology
Media : Feature Films, Entertainment, Documentaries and Music